Deep Chaos 2019

An Argument with Dimension

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D Chaos 4.gif

Deep Chaos. 2019. Interactive, fluid and multi-dimensional artworks.

Deep Chaos is a response to our modern world, brokered by the language of abstract art, inspired by Hilma af Klint's  Primeval Chaos series, that started the abstract movement in 1905, which was itself a response to the ruinous political upheavals and new scientific discoveries of the late 19th and early 20th century so similar to today.  Deep Chaos is an argument with dimension itself. I have ripped 3D apart, bent, juxtaposed and frustrated the set of 3 dimensions we are so used to and proved by visual means that there is not just one set law for three dimensions. This creates 3D chaos.

Conflict is at play. Powerful opposing forces are visually expressed. Whilst this shape and that colour interact, they do so in conjunction and in spacial opposition at the same time. I have created a new dynamic that defies accepted reality, impossible 3D, if you will. The series is a challenge to the eye, a visual struggle for the viewer, an experience, something to be troubled by, ruminate on, engage with. Something that indeed raises new questions.